The GFZK e.V. (Gesllschaft für zeitgenössische Konzepte e.V., Society for Contemporary Concepts) was founded on July 1, 2013 in Kiel. The association has been based in Potsdam since October 2018. The art association is managed by Art Historian and Journalist Verena Voigt M.A. (Director), together with the board members Angelika Jaros (Berlin) and Christopher Gillen (Xemxija, Malta). The purpose of the GFZK e.V. is to promote and support artists in developing new productions, involving them in artistic and cultural discourse and connecting them to activist networks. The GFZK e.V. deals with all aspects of climate change, such as social, political and digital change processes. The GFZK is closely connected to the Project Office Verena Voigt PR - Philosophical Research.

Exhibitions (selection): Eiskeller & Himmelslöcher. Group exhibition with Dan Peterman, Hans Hs Winkler, Till Krause, Ulrike Mohr  (2012-14). Sabine Linse: Rites de passage II – The cave (2014-16). 7 Walks in the Woods, group exhibition (Struxdorf, 2017) with Clement Price-Thomas (New York), Alexander Pröpster (Hamburg), Anka Landtau (Struxdorf), Linda Lammert-Lildholdt (Helsingør) and Sabine Linse (Berlin). Group exhibition (Valletta, Malta, Spatju Kreattiv, 2020: ABOUT ORDER with Sandra Contreras, Anette Kuhn, Sabine Linse, Mariel Poppe, Héctor Velázquez Gutiérrez and María Tello. Space is your own expression (2021) in cooperation with Ruth Bianco, University of Malta. Isaac Sullivan: UTOPICS 3: Cosmogony, Apocalypse, Utopia. November 27, 2021, St. Matthew-Church Berlin. Griebnitzsee - Conflictlandscape, Neubabelsberg (2021-23) in cooperation with Ruppe Koselleck & Andreas Brenne, University of Potsdam.

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