The PLATFORM GLITCH AESTHETICS is looking for digital glitch artefacts that are committed to a socially critical art practice. The aim of the research is to create a synopsis of different glitch concepts in order to make the techniques, aesthetics and ethics hidden in them visible.

The research and the resulting publication is entitled


(1) We are looking for digital sketches that refer to the political upheavals and unrest of 2010-2011-2012, identify them in the past, present and future and thereby develop independent artistic methods of Glitch Art / Glitch Aesthetics.

(2) We are looking for concepts that deal with the topics of post-truth society, surveillance capitalism, BIG DATA, AI hallucinations, addiction to algorithms, climate crisis and species extinction, the struggle for livable territories, democracy movements and glitch feminism with methods of glitch visualize aesthetics.

(3) Special consideration should be given to concepts in which typography and glitch are brought into a special reflective relationship, comparable to emblematics.

(4) Cross-genre sketches, performances, sound interventions and installations that have integrated the glitch as a meaningful element are also welcome, as are glitch references to art movements such as Fluxus, Dada and collage.

(5) The platform Glitch Aesthetics is currently developing a prototype of a "glitch-based" corporate culture communication in cooperation with Digitalvilla. Sketches on this topic are also welcome.

Applications should include a description of the software used and, if relevant, the hardware, as well as a curriculum vitae with previous activities (artistic training, awards, exhibitions, publications). Extent: no more than two pages.

The submissions will be included in a publication that will appear in autumn 2023. A symposium is planned for spring 2024, at which a curated selection of the concepts will be presented. Publications take place in social media (Instagram, Facebook). The posts are discussed with the artists in advance.

Concepts not previously identified as glitch art are also welcome.