Patrick Amadon


The PLATFORM GLITCH PHENOMENA 3.0 is looking for glitch art concepts that are committed to an artistic-critical practice; while reflecting on the aesthetics and ethics of the glitch. The topic of the call for entries is: Ghosts of my life (In memoriam Mark Fisher). Digital sketches that refer to political upheavals and unrest of the years 2010-2011-2012 can be submitted; or have developed independent artistic methods that refer to comparable protest movements of our day. Contemporary concepts that deal critically with the post-truth society, surveillance techniques, BIG DATA, AI hallucinations and algorithm addiction in the spirit of ecology and the democracy movement are also welcome. Special consideration is given to artistic concepts in which typography plays a central role in the tradition of historical emblematics. Cross-genre sketches, performances, sound interventions and installations that have integrated the glitch as a meaningful element can also be submitted. Applications should include a brief description of the software used and, if relevant, the hardware, as well as an artistic curriculum vitae (CV, awards, solo and group exhibitions, scientific publications). The sketch also includes a cost estimate for installation proposals. A juried selection of the concepts is included in the publication and exhibition of the same name. A symposium is planned for autumn 2023.

The PLATFORM GLITCH PHENOMENA 3.0 is developing a prototype for conveying glitch art in the context of internal corporate communication. The theme of the accompanying series of events is: DAS  UNBEHAGEN IN DER KI.