Katrin Leitner

Katrin Leitner: Postfuturistic Archaeology
Digital Dependencies and Algorithm Addiction



On May 3rd, 7 -9 pm: Q & A

Katrin Leitner (Kassel) artistic research is about analog dismantling scenarios of digital over-structuring in the medium of ceramic. In a moderated Q & A (3rd May) we have talked about Post-Futuristic Archeology (PFA), topics like Algorithm Addiction, Digital Dependency and Analogue Detoxification & also about her new ceramic installation in the Digitalvilla PFA_POST-FUTURISTIC-ARCHEOLOGY_BTP_Hexaginoc-Pictoglyphs-XL07_HUMAN BASICS (2022).
In work cycles and long-term projects spanning several years, Katrin Leitner combines material and immaterial media such as ceramics, video projection, text in words and images. The results of her multi-material, interdisciplinary working methods are condensed into variable, space-related installations and performative stagings. Thought to be modular and situational, she repeatedly draws the viewer into situations filled with artistic artefacts in order to achieve a deeper understanding of the complex structures and connections of human existence. Katrin Leitner formulates fundamental questions about the present, past and future, existence, space and time. Her artistic research investigates patterns of transmission of knowledge and experience within human communities in the past, present and future. Art and Archeology merge in an almost archetypal pictorial language of post-futurism. Art as an existential part of life, the creation of culturally interactive information carriers for future generations, as well as an intuitive, highly sensitive and sensual approach to the artistic material are the foundation of her artistic productions. In her latest project she deals with Digital Dependencies and Algorithm Addiction.

Katrin Leitner (Kassel) works in the fields of fine arts, painting, drawing & sculpture, video & multimedia installations and room installations. She studied fine arts and visual communication at the Kunsthochschule Kassel with Rob Scholte, Udo Koch, Olaf Nicolai, Daniel Richter, Jason Rhoades, Marlene Dumas, Hans Platscheck and Ursula Panhans-Bühler and was a master student with Rolf Lobeck. Katrin Leitner has received teaching assignments and guest professorships at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing/China and in the field of Newmedia Art & Design, Beihang Univ., Beijing, China and works as a lecturer at the Institute for Aesthetic Education at the University of Kassel.

In the recent past she has received the sculptor's grant from the Künstlergut Prösitz and the annual grant from the Stadema Foundation Munich 2020 as well as a working grant from the Hessian Cultural Foundation 2020. Since 2000 she has developed numerous exhibitions and projects with site- and space-related, multimedia installations, drawings, paintings, objects, as well as performative and participatory interactions.

Exhibitions (selection): With the project "Vilem Flusser under construction" she was the first recipient of a scholarship from the Walter Heilwagen Foundation, Kassel (2006). "As far as anyone could recall", 2016, Fridericianum, Kassel;  „Lebenswege“, Kassel Kunstverein, 2018;  “Spaces", Sailing Art Space, Beijing, China, 2019; “Retinal Collapse”, Gallery Studio 44, Langenthal, Switzerland, 2019; „Das erste mal zum zweiten mal“, Marburger Kunstverein, 2020; "domestic space", Augsburg contemporary, Berlin branch, Augsburg, 2021.

Location: Digitalvilla in Potsdam